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My Auto Buddy

That is exactly the gap that my auto buddy seeks to fill. We are a mechanic and auto repair shop in Australia looking to provide our customers with the best solutions for their automobiles that keeps them satisfied. 

Our philosophy believes in making sure that the quality of service that we give our customer fulfills their convenience and keeps them going. We never compromise on safety and quality of work.


The services that we provide for our customers range a wide variety. We provide repair services to fix your automobile. This may include repairs to the automobile exterior, in case of any accident. This means we provide and install spare parts to your cars that include headlights, windows, wind screen, side mirrors and what not.

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Robert oliver

Co-Founder and CEO

In addition, we provide repairs to the engine or the interior of the car. Where the interior may include seat covers, rear view mirrors, steering covers and so on. Our engine repairs are undertaken by highly trained staff and mechanics that understands the importance of precision to repair your car to perfection.

Robert oliver

In addition, we offer general repairs and maintenance for your cars. This includes washing your automobile.

replacing airfilters, changing oil and so on. in doing so, we take you into full confidence before making any major changes

to your vehicle and ensure that the quality is the most important factor in all maintenance efforts is quality and control.


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To get any questions answered by us with regard to any of our services, please reach out to us on our official website or leave us an email today. We will reply within a span of two days.


+61 3 9429 2999

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River St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

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