How to Wash an Electric or Hybrid Car: Tips and Warnings for Washing Green Cars

By now the electric car is increasingly taking hold even in our peninsula and these increasingly sophisticated and green cars need an eye also with regards to daily maintenance activities or extraordinary ones such as washing.

Water, as we know, does not get along very well with electricity, due to its conductivity and the possibility of short-circuiting more than one component of those needed for the car’s operation. This is why we have to follow some indications from the manufacturers and pay particular attention, especially as they are still new models, all to be tested for effectiveness, safety and efficiency in this transition from fossil fuel to other forms of alternative propulsion.

Washing the Electric Car: Here are the Builders’ Tips for not mistaking and damaging the electronics

By now almost nobody is washing their car in their garage either because they don’t have time or because there are numerous automatic car washes or paid washing services that are cheap and also have fairly high standards.

Unfortunately the fact of having to deal with a new type of car, could cause significant and irreparable damage with regard to washing with water delegated to third parties or carried out with the do-it-yourself in one of the many self-service facilities to wash the Automobiles.

Depending on the mode we choose to wash our 100% electric car or hybrid we will have to follow some tricks and tips issued by experts and the builders themselves. So, the possibilities to wash the green car with zero or almost zero emissions are these:

  • Handwash.
  • High pressure washing.
  • Automatic Washing.

An electric car, although it has undoubted advantages from an environmental and consumption point of view, on the other hand still implies criticalities that block its spread, in addition to resistance from a certain type of energy business linked to fossil fuel.

The lack of recharging infrastructures, the same time to recharge and the autonomy, as well as the technical obsolescence of the batteries used are often a topic of discussion and obstacles to the wide breadth that the environment would need.

In addition to these aspects, at the time of washing the electric or hybrid car the owner takes on a certain fear in damaging the vehicle or parts of it: also considering the high cost they have and the costs themselves for any repairs, certainly each of us would like to wash the car without any fear by treating it properly even during this procedure.

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